Picking a keyboard

To get started, I read the wiki and got Plover installed.

I have multiple NKRO boards, but after trying the QWERTY-steno layout, I decided to go on and spend the money on a community built one. I ended up with a Splitography. The only other option was the Stenomod. I preferred the actuation of the Matias linear switches and I liked the look and key-shape of the Splitography better.

When researching my options, it actually took me quite a bit to figure out how one would buy a stenomod and what the "current" one looked like. He's actually got several options at various prices if I understand his blog correctly. He really ought to put the "current" information on what is available and how to order all in one place. I was going to get a Splitography anyway, but others might prefer the stenomod if they could get the information efficiently.

As far as the Splitography goes, the switches require very minimal pressure and almost no actuation to trigger. I'm told t…


I write software for work, and I don't like that my typing can't keep up with my thought speed. After looking at various options, I decided to learn Plover.

I'm not the kind of person who writes blogs, but I'm starting to accumulate a lot of thoughts about the learning process and needed a place to put them so that it would be somewhere convenient for others to look at.

To be 100% clear, the primary purpose of the blog is to point out areas where I think improvements can be made. I'm doing this to help the community. This isn't personal, so don't take it that way.

It's human nature to ignore information that challenges your current views. So don't dismiss what I'm saying out of hand. When it comes to education, intuitions are almost never correct. Fortunately, there's plenty of actual science to draw on. Most professional can't be bothered to use it, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't.

I don't have time to give citations for…